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Maintaining the hinges and railings of a garage door

A residential garage door is one of the most useful and used doors that a house can have and, as such, should be properly maintained so it can continue to serve its purpose of securing the home and vehicles. One of the most important aspects of residential garage door maintenance is keeping the appropriate parts properly lubricated.

Regardless of design, garage doors generally need proper lubrication on its hinges and railings to prevent it from rusting and making unwanted sounds. When lubricating the hinges and railings, make sure to clean off dirt with a moistened cloth in order to prevent more dirt from accumulating. You can use a lubricant spray on metal rollers and hinges, but make sure to avoid spraying it on springs, chains, and the chain rail bottom.

Unfortunately, even with proper maintenance garage doors may become broken and need to be replaced or repaired. If this is the case for your garage door, get in touch with the expert team of Cowart Door Systems by calling (512) 459-3467.

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