Contemporary Garage Doors

Austin Contemporary Garage Doors

Most houses, no matter the style, are paired with conventional steel garage doors. However, there is actually a variety of residential garage door types that can match any home style, from traditional to modern. Installing contemporary garage doors with your modern home can help you create a seamless overall aesthetic for your property, increasing your home’s curb appeal—and its value.

At Cowart Door Systems, we can help you find a modern garage door style or even design a contemporary door that can fit the aesthetic you are seeking for your home. To learn more about our high-quality contemporary garage doors, contact an experienced Austin contemporary garage door specialist of Cowart Door Systems today at (512) 459-3467.

Metal Options

Metal is the primary material when seeking a sleek, modern look, as well as durability. Steel is a popular option for garage doors due to its strength, while aluminum is appreciated for its light weight. Some contemporary styles that utilize metal for a contemporary look include:

  • Full-view aluminum doors
  • Metal clad garage doors
  • Steel and composite doors
  • Modern wooden doors

Wood has long been seen as the material of choice for traditional garage doors. However, it is easy to update this beautiful material for a more contemporary aesthetic. You can opt for a steel-and-wood combination door, or you can go for a smooth, dark garage door with accents like windows. Wooden doors can look surprisingly modern when they are free of raised panels and other conventional designs.

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Installing a new contemporary garage door is a quick, easy facelift for your home. This simple change can create an updated, harmonious look for a home that is built in a contemporary style. Contact a knowledgeable Austin contemporary garage door technician at Cowart Door Systems at (512) 459-3467 today for more information regarding our beautiful garage door designs.