New Garage Door Provides High Return on Investment for Your Home

New Garage Door Provides High Return on Investment for Your Home

At Cowart Door Systems, we strongly believe in the value that a professionally constructed and installed garage door can add to your home. Not only does a well-built garage door help to increase your family’s safety and the aesthetic quality of your home, but it can also be a financially smart move as well. A new report released by Remodeling Magazine shows that a garage door replacement offers one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any midrange or upscale home improvement project.

Garage Doors Rank #2 in ROI for Midrange Projects

According to the Cost vs. Value Report released in Remodeling Magazine in November 2010, a garage door replacement can be an ideal investment for maintaining or even improving your home’s resale value. Of the 35 midrange remodeling projects listed, replacing your garage door offers the second highest ROI (83.9%), second only to entry door replacement. You can expect to recover a greater percentage of money from your new garage door than from almost any other home improvement project.

If the excellent ROI on a garage door replacement isn’t enough, midrange garage door replacements are also among the cheapest improvements you can make to your home. Remodeling Magazine reports that replacing a garage door only costs an average of $1,291, while deck additions, window replacements, siding replacements, and roofing replacements all cost well over $10,000 on average and have much lower ROI values.

Garage Door Replacement: The Financially Smart Choice

If you are looking for an ideal midrange project to improve the look and value of your home, you may want to consider a garage door replacement. Even upscale garage doors offer an excellent ROI, ranking 4th out of all upscale projects in the Cost vs. Value Report. In some cities, replacing a worn garage door can actually increase your home’s resale value, offering more than 100% ROI. A garage door replacement is a financially smart choice that can give your home exterior a fresh, new look.

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